Calm Before the Storm

It has been the calm before the storm here in Mazatlan. The Carnival starts today. The preparations are amazing. Down at Olas Altas beach the have about 6 stages set up and a beer stand every 50 feet or so. This is going to be one crazy place.

The picture of the dinner I have shown, Albondigas. Is a dish my friend, Shoe loves. It is very good. He mentioned the dish to Lupita and asked if she new any restaurant around to get it. She made the dish for us at home, brought it to her work and fed supper to Sandra, Shoe and Me. Amazingly kind and thoughtful.

Albondigas is like meatballs, with rice and red and green peppers in them they get boiled in the spicy tomato vegetable soup. Very good!

I want to tell a little story and ask if any of my readers would like an opportunity to offer a hand up to my friend Lupita.

This young woman is as kind as they come. When Shoe and Sandra first introduced me to her and told her I was from Canada the first thing she said to me was “Canada, all my life I have dreamed of being able to go to Canada”

Lupita will never realize this dream without some help. Wages of course are low in Mexico and she works six days a week to support herself and two beautiful little girls who are 9 and 15, Abril and Livily.

She has been kind to a fault to Sandra, Shoe and me. She takes the time to listen to my terrible Spanish and is helping me with grammar. She constantly has a beaming smile on her face and is very kind and gracious with all her customers.

I would like to offer my readers an opportunity to help me make Lupita’s life long dream come true. I would like to see she gets a trip to Canada. Angele and I would happily give her a place to stay and show her around NB. I think a ticket is around $1500. An amount that is small enough I hope it won’t stand in the way of Lupita’s dream. If there was ever anyone deserving a little help, it is Lupita.

Last year I asked my readers for help with my friend Steph’s cause to help school kids in Nicaragua and they very generously donated over $2000 to that worthy cause.

Make no mistake, Lupita has not asked for anything. She has no idea I am doing this. I know none of you have met her and have to take my word for the kind, deserving, generous person she is. Please do not feel any obligation but if you can help, even a little, please do. You can change this girl’s life. She has never even been on an airplane. This would be the trip of a lifetime for her, but more than that maybe the only trip of a lifetime. If you can help me help Lupita I would certainly appreciate it.

I did some research yesterday on the visa requirements. It will be tough but not impossible for her to get a visa. I think I can make this work with your help. Thanks. Kedgi

Just click on the link below to make a donation and hopefully you will be reading about Lupita’s trip to Canada on my blog before long. here’s is your chance to help change the life of a deserving young woman.


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