Not sure I understand the dynamic

WordPress actually allows me to see how many people are reading this blog. About 60 people per hour on a b48 hour basis. I spend hundreds of hours writing this. ! person answered my request to help Lupita? 1 person? gave enough of a damn to give $50 Seriously? Wow!

 Why am I writing this?

Seriously people this isnt fiction. I know a girl that needs a break! Holy Crap. Open your wallets She needs some help. I need some help holy Crap!

I am not some irresponsible asshole asking for you to donate money, WTF?
% bucks will it kill you? Christ!
I am so sick of writing this shit thousnads of good pictures, hours of stories and when you ask for help, 1 other rider who is really a long distance rider gets it and steps up.


2 thoughts on “Not sure I understand the dynamic

  1. I saw the post and want to give! I was going to that night with my Paypal account but couldn’t remember my password, then forgot! PLEASE let me know if you still want donations, she does deserve a break and it sounds like she’s taking very good care of you!

    • We here at the Lerma have been working hard on helping Lupita. She has started English lessons and Sandra, my Costa Rican friend has worked extremely hard to get Lupita through the passport application process which is cumbersome to say the least. They have almost all their ducks in a row. Should be able to submit her application later this week. This has required many visits to various offices to get necessary paperwork and Sandra and Shoe have done all the legwork and it is literally legwork and walked to all these spots to get the required information.

      Donations would be greatly appreciated.

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