One of the best things about travel for me is all the people I get to meet.

Meet my new friend, Lupita. Lupita works at the Club Desportivo where I go with Sandra and Shoe in the evenings to have a beer or two. Since the first day I went in there Lupita has been very kind to me. She always greets me with a hug and a big smile. She is very kind and its not hard to tell she has a big heart.

So, last night Sandra and Shoe were making some supper and I went to the Club ahead of them and they said they would meet me there. When I went in there were only three or four guys playing pool and maybe three or four others in the entire bar. I sat down to watch the pool and see if I could figure out any more about the game and the Mexican rules.

I was very happy when Lupita decided to sit with me and try and talk to me. Lupita has no English. What a struggle to remember words I know for daughter, son, Mom and dad etc. I just don’t get that much chance at conversational Spanish to use those words. With the help of some charades and some drawing on a napkin we could talk though.

Lupita wanted to know where I had worked and if I had any children and I could answer that and i found out she has two girls, nine and fifteen named Abril and Levity. She has worked at the Club for four years, takes a Taxi to work from an area of town call Juarez (I think I have the name of her neighborhood right) So when Sandra who is fluently bilingual, arrived she was able to confirm that Lupita and I had understood one another. How Cool!

Think of your own self. If a foreigner, who doesn’t speak the language came into a bar at home, would you take the time and trouble to try and talk to them? It takes a lot to make the effort, so I had Sandra tell Lupita how much I appreciated her talking to me, and Sandra explained to Lupita that my Spanish at this point is limited to things a traveler needs, like some directions, food, a room etc but that I am trying to learn and really loved having the opportunity to talk with her.

I have a new friend now, Lupita. She’s great!


Winter in Mazatlan

Just leaving to watch hockey, gotta hurry, will write more later but here are some pictures from the last few days

We’ll we watched that thriller of a hockey game yesterday. The Latvia team sure played extremely well. Their young 21 yr old goalies was sensational.

The pictures i have above are just from the last few days around Mazatlan, Great lunch with Brian and Michelle at La Copa de Leche.

You can see I bought a tarp for my bike. The sun here is relentless so I thought it was wise to cover it up.

I went with Shoe and Sandra to or favorite bar on Tuesday and it was packed! Turns out it was awards night for their pool league so I took a picture of the awards presentation.

Brian and Michelle who’s destination is Panama City and quite possible beyond left and are south bound. Alex and Alison are doing some riding around Mexico but are returning in time for Carnival. They made a reservation, the hotel is full all that week. I guess it is a really big deal here, there are many fences going up, sites being prepared etc, all around town, so I’m really looking forward to that.

The Hotel Lerma Gang is shrinking in size with just me, Trisha, Billy and Lee being the only riders left. Shoe and Sandra and another friend Roberto are still here. They are all travelers that arrived by bus.

Looking forward to watching tomorrow’s Canada/USA hockey game.

Going to lunch today with my friend Jose who owns the tienda (small store) around the corner, really looking forward to that. He’s a very nice guy.

The Gang at the Hotel Lerma

Hotel Lerma

Hotel Lerma

It has been so much fun here at the Hotel Lerma. Made a lot of good friends! It’s rare when two or three long distance riders have a chance to get together, but to have a group like this spend an extended stay together has been great. Lots of good stories and interesting conversation with a group from around the world. Awesome!


Michelle, Brian, Alison, Billy, Trisha, Lee, Shoe, Sandra, Dwight and Alex

Meanwhile back in New Brunswick

Just to change things up a bit. This is what the weather is like at home. This is why I am in Mexico.The pictures were taken yesterday by Angele and our friend, Cindy

Even Bob, our cat seems to think that’s a lot of snow.

Beautiful Days in Mazatlan

Just a few snaps from the last couple days. The one that is a bit dark was last night at 9:30, Valentines Day a 10 piece band shows up and serenades a girl living in the apartment building across the street from my room. Must be how to show affection in Mexico. They played for about half an hour.

Mazatlan Photos

Alison and Alex

Alison and Alex

A&A's bike

A&A’s bike

BMW from Malaysia

BMW from Malaysia

Noodles and coffee for breakfast

Noodles and coffee for breakfast

Street Art

Street Art

Cool VW

Cool VW

More Carnival Statues going up


We had Alison and Alex arrive at the Hotel Lerma yesterday. They are riding a BMW GS 1200. They are from Malaysia

Billy rescued a bird yesterday morning. A morning Dove had gotten tangled up in a sticky mouse trap thing and was flapping around the parking pitifully. Billy caught it by putting his shirt over it and then was able to successfully unstick it from the paper and it flew up to the top of the wall and looked down at us for several minutes before flying away, seemingly no worse for wear.

I went with Lee this morning to a Canadian bar in Olas Altas and watch the Canada/Norway hockey game. I don’t watch much hockey normally but at 10 am over good coffee in a tropical setting it was fun.


Zona Dorada, Mazatlan Mexico

I took the bus up to the Zona Dorada yesterday. It is Mazatlan’s tourist zone. Beautiful Beach. Stunning weather!

I threw in a picture of a little Gato Negro, Black Cat I saw in a storefront sunning himself. He reminded me of our cat at home, Bob.